Tuesday, December 2

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Taisei (pronounced "Ty-Say")!!

I am 7 years old and my favorite activities include listening to music, going to a pool with my dad, having books read to me, and playing with my 3 year old sister Hana (although we fight sometimes).

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. When I was 10 months old, I fell from a booster seat and hit my head. I don't remember much but I was carried to a hospital in a helicopter where I was diagnosed as having a traumatic brain injury. With internal cranial bleeding, I went through a surgery. My doctor told my parents that I had a 50:50 chance of surviving but I fought for my life and survived. But as a result of my injury, I lost control of my body. When I left the hospital, I wasn't able to hold up my head, move around on my own or eat my favorite food anymore.

Since then, I have worked really hard to gain back what I had lost. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy and other therapies became part of of my daily routine. Most of the time I don't enjoy these therapies because the therapists work me really hard and I cry sometimes. Nothing comes easy to me but gradually I made progress. I am now able to hold up my head, make eye contact with my parents, eat more food from my mouth, and even speak a few words (I can say my mom's name too). Also, my parents got me a nice walker which helps me stand on my legs and move around a little. Recently, I also started going to an elementary school where I enjoy spending time with other kids.

Although I have my challenges, I am a normal boy who loves to do things that other kids enjoy. I just can't do everything well. But my parents love me very much and I take my life one day at a time. And I don't take for granted any little progress that I make...like being able to walk a few steps further using my walker.

So when you see me, please hold my hand and say hi! I am very friendly and I like to make new friends.

Thank you for reading my blog!! God bless you.


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Tuesday, August 12

One Step Forward!

I have been working on Taisei’s reflex integration method since the Masgutova camp in January (which you helped us attend through the fundraiser).  Every day for 2 hours, I would do all the reflex integration and stretching exercises that I learned at the camp.  Honestly, this hasn’t been easy!  There were days when Taisei was too tired after school and he was less than cooperative.  Not to mention my 3 year old daughter constantly crying for my attention while I worked on Taisei.  But I have been diligent because I am DETERMINED to do whatever I can to help my son!

As a result, we have seen some visible improvements!  When Taisei is on his walker, Taisei’s legs used to cross frequently which prevented him from taking steps smoothly.  We determined that this was caused by his inner thigh muscles being too tight.  With Masgutova exercises, we have seen HUGE improvements in his walking. 

While we still have long ways to go, we believe every little improvement counts and it provides us with the motivation to keep marching on.  Never give-up!

Thanks for all your support and thinking about Taisei!

Monday, August 11

Taisei’s Charity Concert

Recently, our friend Sam Rasoul organized a charity concert for Taisei.  We met Sam several years ago as a realtor when we were looking for our house and we have been friends ever since.  He has thinking about our son and he suggested that we plan a charity event for him.  We are very thankful for his kind thoughts.
By the way, if you are looking for a great realtor in San Diego, we recommend Sam. He is such an amazing guy! Here is his link:  http://thinksam.com/

The proceeds from the charity event will go towards paying for Masguatova therapy camp which will be held in San Diego next January.  As you recall, we saw a great improvement in Taisei after he attended the same camp earlier this year.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support.  Thank you very much!!

He is a superstar

It has been almost 7 years since Taisei’s injury.  He has come a long ways since then.

Taisei was only 10.5 months old when he got injured.  His body was much weaker and he was still a baby so I remember him crying every time I took him to the rehab.  Look at him in the pictures today!  He is much stronger and he has developed his own will to get better.  Every week, he goes through intensive 90 minute long rehabilitation where he continues to give his 120%.  The exercise shown in the top picture is a tough exercise for him since he needs to support his body weight with his hands and arms.  I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and admiration for my son as I observed.     

Working on supporting my upper body with my arms

 Working on maintaining my balance on an exercise ball

Developing my leg strengths while maintaining balance

Tuesday, June 10

Fun day at the beach

Taisei loves water!  Every summer, we try to take Taisei to the beach and the pool.  We think its important to give Taisei a break from all the grueling therapies and let him enjoy some of the wonderful and fun things in life.  As you can see from the pictures, he is no doubt having a great time!  (His sister, Hana, is finally able to dip her feet in the water although she's still a little scared.)  Sometimes we think these fun experiences have tremendous therapeutic effect.  Summer is here and we are ready to enjoy it with Taisei.    

Taisei's swim lesson

Here is Taisei at the pool.  Of all the physical activities, Taisei seems to love spending time in the pool the most.  As soon as he is in the pool, he gets very excited and starts kicking his legs like crazy!  Since Taisei still has challenges walking, he realizes that he has more mobility in water which makes him feel good.

What you see in the picture is not just a swimming lesson.  A very creative therapist named Ilana combined Feldenkrais Method with pool therapy.  Feldenkrais Method "reeducates" the brain through movements.  Because Feldenkrais Method focuses on the relationship between your brain and body, it works to bring out the potential ability that everyone is inherently born with.  As the therapist teaches Taisei regarding various movements, signals are sent to the brain to reeducate how to move.  Normally, Feldenkrais Method is not done in the pool, but Ilana who also happens to be a aqua-therapist saw a huge potential in combining both therapies.  Since Taisei loves being in the pool, he seems be enjoying this therapy very much.  We highly recommend it to anyone with mobility issues.

Friday, January 31

Taisei's First Masgutova Camp!

We are very gracious for the opportunity you have given us to attend Taisei's first Masgutova therapy camp held in San Diego.  We would like to thank all of our family and friends who have supported us in many ways!  All donation proceeds have gone into attending this camp.

Here are some photos and updates from the camp held from Jan.3rd to Jan.12th.  It has been our dream to attend this camp so you can imagine how excited we were to finally attend this camp and work with Dr. Masgutova and her team!

On the first day of the camp, Dr. Masgutova performed thorough assessment on Taisei . She checked his reflexes and explained what is going on with his body.  Then, she gave us instructions on which exercises we should focus on.  After this assessment, detailed camp and home programs were developed for Taisei.  (Dr. Masgutova also made rounds to see each child throughout the duration of camp.)  Her work is nothing short of miraculous and amazing to watch firsthand.

Everyday, Taisei was assigned to work with a team of 6 therapists and each therapist was responsible for different reflex treatment below:
  • Reflex Re-patterning
  • Oral/Facial/Visual reflex
  • Archetypes
  • Neuro-structural
  • Tactile
  • Proprioception/Cognitive
  • Breathing Reflex

Each day, therapy started at 9:30 am and ended at 4:30pm.  Parents were heavily involved so that they can learn all the techniques from the therapists and perform them at home as part of the home program after camp.  Every night, just the parents attended the parent training session until 8:30 pm.  Talk about a full schedule!  But it was very informative and well worth it.

So did we see any changes in Taisei after the camp?  Yes!!  Here is what we have noticed:

1.  His body is more symmetric.  There was noticeable difference between the perceived length of his left and right legs before.  But now they are almost even.
2.  His left hand grasp (his weaker side) is much stronger.  He started to grasp with his fingers rather than his palm.
3.  He started humming when he hears a song he likes.  When I sing a song to him, he mimics my voice and tries to sing along with me.  Amazing!
4.  He started moving his tongue more actively which is a major milestone towards speaking.
5.  His cognition improved.  He responds to conversations more quickly.  (He can't speak but he responds to what other people are saying by smiling, laughing, etc.)
6.  He started to show more facial expressions.  (See pictures below.)
7.  He can sit by himself much better on the sofa. His balance improved so much. He can even dance while he sits on it.
8. His eyes are more focused and engaged. They look more stable.

I can't wait to see what other improvement he will show in the future as we continue this therapy.  With your continuous support, Taisei will be able to attend future camps.

God bless you all!

OK. Let's work on his reflexes!

Taisei with a therapist

Taisei enjoying his therapies

Doing treatment outside as it was sunny out

Here is Taisei with Dr. Masgutova

    Taisei 's balance improved and he can sit more straight now.